GTM Services and Implementation

What is GTM?

GTM (Google Tag Manager) is the tool which is popularly used for the websites, so basically, what it does is, as the name itself, it has the built in tag manager used for the HTML and JavaScript which is used for implementing and measuring the analytics of the website.

We will help you with the business in keeping track of the website analytics with the help of the GTM. We can provide you with the guide as well as do it for you on my behalf.

GTM Implementation

Why GTM implementation is required for the websites?

  • It is very easy to use and very effective for the websites.
  • It has the auto event tracking by which it will automatically track the things for you.
  • It comes with the number of built in tags which will be easy for the user for the management.
  • You can do the Tag audits for the live websites.
  • You can also create, test and publish the tags on your websites.
  • It has the simpler and easy update feature
  • It has a very good debug features.
  • It has the version control, user and permission management as well.

List of Google Tag Manager

  • It has the Google Tag Manager Account
  • It has the Data Layers
  • It comes with the Goal conversion tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking is included.
  • Cross domain and Event tracking is the good feature in it.
  • Campaign tracking and Phone call tracking makes it more enhanced.
  • YouTube video tracking will make you keep the tracks of the videos as well.
  • Scroll Tracking, Custom Metrics, Custom dimensions are the features which can be implemented
  • The best one is the debugging and troubleshooting Google Tag Manager Issues.

In order to send you with the free proposal what do I need in advance?

  • In order to send you with the proposal I will need the access to the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Account.
  • I will need the above details so that I can check around in the account of what is missing and what needs to fixed or implemented.
  • Then I can create a proposal for you which will meet your requirements.
  • Earlier as I have mentioned, there are ā€œNā€ number of things that can be tracked and every tracking has the specific cost associated with it.
  • So, based on the work, it is important to understand what needs to be tracked in specific.

Services provided

Yes, the services provided by us are as follows:

  • We will provide the Google Tag Manager Installation.
  • Then we will go with the migration of the Google Analytics with the Google Tag Manager.
  • Then comes with the third party codes development.
  • Then comes with the Advanced Tracking for the website or business.

Certified Google Tag Manager Company:

We are certified Digital Marketing company- All our team are well qualified and certified with the Google Tag Manager certifications.

Google Tag manager services

  • Tag Deployment: GTM allows you to deploy and manage various tags on your website without requiring direct code changes.
  • Version Control: GTM provides version control, allowing you to create, review, and publish different versions of your container.
  • Triggers: Triggers are conditions that you set up to determine when a particular tag should be fired.
  • Variables: Variables are placeholders for dynamic values that can be used in tags and triggers.
  • Built-in Tags: GTM supports a wide range of built-in tags for popular services such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, and more.
  • Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: If you have specific tracking requirements or need to implement custom code, GTM allows you to add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly within the platform.
  • Preview and Debug: GTM provides a preview mode that allows you to test and debug your tags before publishing them to your live site.
  • Integration with Google Analytics: GTM seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to set up advanced tracking, events, and goals without manually editing your site's code.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

GTM is a tag management system by Google that allows users to manage and deploy various tags on their websites without the need for manual code changes.

You can set up GTM by creating an account on the GTM website, creating a container for your website, and then adding the provided container code to your site.

GTM offers version control, allowing you to create, review, and publish different versions of your container. This helps track changes and revert to previous configurations if needed.

Yes, Google Tag Manager is a free service provided by Google.

Yes, GTM supports collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on the same container. You can manage permissions to control access.