Startup Mentorship Program in Noida

Noida Startup Mentorship Program

The capacity of a business to develop and prosper is strongly reliant on the support of a robust network of mentors and investors. Consequently, Digisnare technologies are delighted to connect you with startup mentors and industry professionals who can be of tremendous assistance.

Hiring our startup mentor can significantly improve your chances of success. Studies have indicated that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can enhance their survival chances by 70%. Businesses that do not use mentors have a success rate that is two times greater than those that do. Our mentor will be available to you for a minimum of eight hours per week for three to four months, depending on your requirements. It is vital to remember that mentors are not searched engines and are most willing to assist you if you communicate with them regularly about critical concerns. This decision is entirely up to you and your mentor regarding how you communicate and meet.

Startup mentoring platform

Conventional mentorship may be good, but today's mentoring platforms may even be more beneficial than traditional mentorship. This list of the Greatest Mentoring Platforms may assist you in locating the most effective mentoring programs and mentors to assist you in your professional development efforts.

    GrowthMentor- The Growth Mentor program allows startup founders and marketers to meet one-on-one with growth and marketing specialists in a small group setting.

    MicroMentor- MicroMentor can assist entrepreneurs in finding the most appropriate mentors for their needs because it has a community of over 25,000 mentors and over 70,000 mentees.

    Clarity- Mentees can schedule calls with mentors for a specific period using the Clarity platform.

Startup Mentorship Syllabus

  • Why mentoring is important?
  • What is mentoring?
  • Definitions of mentoring
  • Myth buster – what mentoring is not
  • Myth buster – what mentoring is
  • Mentoring can happen in two ways
  • Mentoring can take different forms
  • Key people in a mentoring relationship
  • Why should I be a mentor?
  • Useful tips to get the most out of your
  • first meeting
  • Set the ground rules
  • Confidentiality is king
  • Effective ways to build trust
  • Structuring your subsequent sessions
  • What skills does the ideal mentor have?
  • Top 5 pit falls in the mentoring relationship
  • How to resolve them
  • How do I really know the mentoring
  • Relationship is working properly?
  • Top 6 habits a mentor should avoid
  • Ending the relationship
  • Active listening skills
  • Clarify & question with the 5C
  • GROW model
  • SWOT analysis
  • Insightful questions to ask
  • Additional sources of information

What is a startup?

Starting a firm to transform the world while also disrupting industries is forming a startup. Startup founders want to create a product or service that society requires but has not yet been established and generate eye-popping valuations that will result in an initial public offering and a massive return on their investment.

Why choose us as a startup mentor in Noida

It is possible for a company's ability to thrive and grow to be significantly boosted by the direction of our experienced mentor. Even though a mentor's influence can open numerous doors, it is essential to remember that our primary role is that of a guide and mentor. However, even if founders follow their recommendations, they will not be held liable for their actions. Therefore, choosing Digisnare technologies mentor who can guide you in the right way and compliment your personality has become even more critical.

  • We exchange of personal financial information
  • It is essential to protect startups from making expensive mistakes.
  • Providing coaching
  • By granting them access to their network and resources, they can help them.
  • Transparency Must Be Required

How to choose the most suitable startup mentor

Finding the Most Appropriate Mentor for Your Entrepreneurial Aspirations

    Discern your needs- We all want someone who can guide us and our businesses on the right path, but finding a mentor we can rely on is not always straightforward. Before beginning your search for a mentor, you must determine your requirements. Based on your unique needs, the most appropriate mentor will be identified for you.

    Find someone from the same industry- An excellent startup mentor should have a great deal of experience in the same field as the company being mentored. Their extensive schooling and practical knowledge can assist you with practically any challenge while establishing your firm. The presence of a mentor with real-world expertise may make all the difference when it comes to outperforming the competition.

    Keep an eye out for someone who is a good listener- When you have an attentive and supportive mentor, it's like confiding in a friend about half of your issues and tension. When you discover a startup mentor that is willing to answer all of your questions and point out all of the fundamentals, it can make a significant difference in the development of your company.

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We have helped many companies reach their goals with our exceptional and affordable digital marketing services. We have worked and still working with industries such as E-commerce, institutions, and more. We have worked and still working on these brands digitally.


Placement Process

Since we are living in a Digital World and understand ‘Digitalisation’, more than every other digital marketing solution is designed by keeping few yet important key elements in mind for the digital business plans of our clients. We evaluate things and customize with unique solutions keeping your business goals, the present stage in the digital world, and competitive landscape in mind. With our creative, unique, and result-oriented solutions, we make sure that you will:

  • Theory

We make sure your business gets more and more leads through our digital marketing services

  • Practicals

We will help you to convert the maximum possible leads into sales so that you can grow companies revenue and your business goals

  • Assignments

We help your brand get recognized nationally and internationally. To do this, we will create special campaigns for you

  • Certification

Through our services, you can upskill your staff and grow their capabilities

  • Resume Preparation

We help your brand get recognized nationally and internationally. To do this, we will create special campaigns for you

  • Attend Interviews

Through our services, you can upskill your staff and grow their capabilities

DIgital Marketing


Digisnare Technologies Placements

We provide students with Web Designing Course With Placement assistance. With a placement success rate of 96%, DigiSnare has a dedicated HR suite that helps students secure placement according to their needs. We help students create resumes that meet the needs of the current industry.

Apart from course training, DigiSnare Technologies assists students in sessions offered in character development, oral English, group discussions, mock interviews, and presentation skills to effectively meet challenging and challenging interviews.

DigiSnare Technologies provides students with in-depth Web Designing Course With Placement that helps them easily secure placements with top IT companies such as HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and Accenture.

Recent Placement

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Trainers Profile

We have a professional and industry-experienced coach/training team to train you. Our trainers bring together years of experience and knowledge in the field to train you and instill the required skills in you. Our experienced faculty members share with you the nuances of working in the industry along with part of their regular training. Our trainers make sure that everyone understands the concept so far. Therefore, the training sessions are based on interaction.

Our trainers are certified professionals with years of experience in this field.

How is mentoring useful for a startup?

Founders must constantly juggle many tasks to keep their company afloat. You are putting your company's future in peril if you do not make the proper judgments at the appropriate times. In these challenging circumstances, having a mentor who has gone through a similar scenario may be very beneficial. There are many ways that mentors can help your business, including assisting you in attracting the right personnel, determining the worth of your firm, and developing a compelling company culture.

The role of our mentor is to guide an entrepreneur through determining the best course of action. There is a range of ways that can be used to accomplish this goal.

Who are startup mentors?

Choosing a mentor who has been where you want to go can be beneficial if you want to learn more about starting a business. The wisdom that mentors have collected through their own personal and professional experiences is of great value to young entrepreneurs, who will undoubtedly profit from their accumulated knowledge over the years.

Mentors are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed because they have already achieved their own goals and fulfilled their aspirations. The fact that this is the case lends authenticity to the situation. There should be no pressure to participate in mentorships, and carefully selecting the right mentor is vital.

Noida's business mentors

In our undertakings, whether professional or personal, we all seek a reliable ally someone who can guide us when we are unable to see the path ahead someone to mentor us, and someone to act as a torchbearer for our goals. A mentor is one's life means that one has discovered someone to lean on for support and encouragement, someone who is there to push them when they falter, and someone who can show them the way when they are lost.

Having the right mentor is critical to surviving in today's competitive environment, whether in the workplace, career, or private life. A mentor is a wise someone who understands how to assess the advantages and disadvantages of several options before deciding. When an entrepreneur receives good counsel at the appropriate moment, they can save a significant amount of time and money. As a result, we supply you with mentors that can assist you in thinking strategically and expanding your horizons significantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

An experienced mentor can guide you back on track when you've strayed from your original path of action. In addition to paying attention to what's going on, they assess the mentee's progress and direct them on the right way. Coaching and mentoring are both essential aspects of leadership development, providing knowledge and leadership skills.

Digisnare technologies can assist you in the search for a mentor. Attending Digisnare technologies allows you to learn from other successful business owners. Increase the Clarity of your communication with others in forums and online groups by turning on Clarity. Create a Mastermind Group on LinkedIn to connect with potential mentors.

It is far more expensive in the long term to fail to find a suitable mentor for one's situation. As a result, they can assist you in getting through difficult periods when you are unable to make decisions or are unsure of the direction your company is heading.

Our company will issue you a certificate once you have completed the course. As a business owner, you should hold this accreditation in high regard. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as international businesses, do. After you finish the course, you'll be able to choose from many different jobs.

We offer technical help around the clock as a service to our students. The trainers' responsibility is to assuage any lingering reservations about traditional classroom education. Workshops to dispel misconceptions are also available, as are video recordings of each presentation.