Human Resource (HR) Training in Nagpur

Human Resource (HR) Training in Nagpur

We understand today's human resource development shortcomings and have devised an effective program that follows comprehensive market research and analysis. We are aware that the HR sector has many functions, but since it can be summarized in one major aspect, there are three modules at the same time: Staffing, Core HR and Salary. Our training will help you prepare in a clear way to handle any role under the human resources department.

We offer a Human Resource Course With Placement assistance to help you get a job and build your career in the corporate HR world. We have a history of 100% employment support in the current market, and the quality of education is excellent. Our instructors are well versed in the institution and share their knowledge of the industry with their students, which benefits their work. We offer the Best HR Training in Nagpur on live job portals such as Naukri, Monster, Indeed, and Times, and other responsibilities such as payroll programs and employee involvement programs are also part of the course

Best Human Resource (HR) Training in Nagpur

Companies prefer graduates who have the latest knowledge of human resources. We have a team of HR professionals ready to share ideas with students. Our team brings fresh and innovative ideas to the HR industry. We offer online HR course in Nagpur to students or HR professionals worldwide. Students and professionals who are unable to attend classroom instruction may also attend.

We are the best HR training institutes in Nagpur, providing great exposure for current knowledge, skills, and practices in HR-related courses. We teach you the essence required to be a successful HR manager for any organization. Our team shares a live professional experience and the challenges you will face in the future.

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Human Resource Course Syllabus

Module1: Recruitment & Selection
  • Man Power Planning/Budgeting
  • Creation of Job Description and Vacancy
  • End to End recruitment Process (Screening, Recruitment, Shortlisting & Head Hunting)
  • Interview Skills and How to conduct Interview
  • Social Networks candidate searching option through Portal
  • Naukri/Monster/Times Job/Indeed Portals Practical Usage
  • Joining Formalities and staffing Induction and Orientation
  • HR documentation
  • Organogram / Reporting Matrix creation
  • Employee Relation Management
  • Relieving procedure and full and final settlement
  • Exit interview & Formalities
  • Attrition Issues & Effective Relation Polices
  • Effective Retention Polices
  • HR Statutory Audits
  • All other legal formalities for HR Professional
  • SWOT Analysis
  • On what basis training is provided
  • To whom the training is provided
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Training Module Design
  • Preparation of Training Calendar
  • Training Feedback Analysis
  • Training Budgeting
  • Attendance and Leave Management – CL, EL, SL, and ML
  • The Pay Structure – Basic, HRA, DA & Conveyance, Medical Allowance, Lunch allowance etc
  • ESIC, PF Calculations
  • Calculation of Gross, Net Salary &CTC
  • Preparation of Break up –Salary, Designing CTC and Salary Break up and discussion on Compensation and Benefit
Module 5: Tax Planning for Salaried Employees
  • PT Slab Process
  • TDS (Salaried Employees), TDS for Consultants and contractors etc.
  • Slab Process of TDS
  • Tax Exemptions under different sections
Module 6: Lab Session
  • Employee Master creation and maintenance
  • Salary/Wages preparation in Excel Sheet
  • Statutory reports in Excel Sheet
  • Pay Slips Preparation
  • MIS Reports in Excel Sheet
  • MIS presentations
Module 7: Organisational Development
  • What is OD?
  • What is Employee Engagement?
  • What is Employee Welfare?
  • Why Policies, steps to frame Policy HR
  • Making and Implementation of HR Policies and HR Manuals
Module 8: Disciplinary Action/Termination
  • What is Disciplinary Action
  • Definition of Misconduct/Violation of Code of Conduct
  • Preparations of show cause notice/Charge Sheet
  • Domestic inquiry
  • Terminations
  • Provisions
Module 9: Labor Laws
  • Statutory act Procedure, forms, Format filling etc
  • Factories Act 1948
  • ESIC ACT – 1948
  • PF ACT-1952
  • Bonus ACT-1965
Module 10: Statutory Portals
  • PF – UAN, Chillan’s, Employee transactions, reports
  • ESIC – Code creation, Chillan’s, Employer transactions, reports
  • PT – Payments, reports

HR Training Key Features

You’ll get the best knowledge with the best placements in your dreamed company guys! What else anybody need. Experts will train you with the best knowledge they gained in the most safe and most cool environment. Our past Digital Marketing Students can attend any session at our branches, with prior information. They are in sync with what’s new. They do not have to pay the fees again so it’s cool guys!.

Interactive Sessions

We offer video recording lessons for training sessions so that candidates can benefit from these video lessons even if they are absent from class.

Industry-led training

All our HR Course With Placement programs are based on current industry standards.

Flexible Schedule

The Best HR Training in Nagpur is carried out daily and weekly. You can also customize the training plan according to the requirements of your candidate.

Certified Professionals

Certified professionals provide our HR Course With Placement. Our teachers with 5 to 15 years of industry experience provide Direct, project-based training.

Well-equipped laboratory

Our laboratory is well equipped with the latest hardware and software versions. Our classrooms are also equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi.

Add-on Soft skill training

we also offer 100% free character building Human Resource Courses in Nagpur, including oral English, group discussions, mock interviews, and presentation skills.

Well-designed training material

Our training material is available in the form of e-books, online videos, certified brochures, certified articles, and 500 interviews.

Certificate of completion

Upon completion of the course, a globally recognized certificate of completion of the course is issued

Flexible payment option

we offer flexible payment options such as cheques, even monthly installments, cash, credit cards, debit cards, online banking, and more.

Why choose HR Course

  • HR training with placement and endless career options
  • Powerful payroll package starting at Rs 60,000
  • Talent and team management, and industry legislation.
  • High demand for qualified and certified teachers
  • The working conditions of the company and the efficiency of staff need to be improved.
  • Acquire relevant skills in real-time
  • Stand out from the crowd of job seekers
  • Join an exclusive network of skilled human resources professionals
  • Raise the standards for HR team members
  • Ensuring best practices in the performance of HR activities
Human Resource

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  • Attend Interviews

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HR Job and responsibility

In a highly human-focused role, the HR job demonstrates the need for individuals with strong collaboration, communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. It is also important to understand industry allocations, current wage rates, and industry trends around non-monetary interests. The standard description of an HR job shall include the following obligations and responsibilities in detail:

Talent management-

Human resources development is a major player in the workforce development of any company. They are responsible for purchasing candidates through job fairs and social media, acting as the first contact to select candidates, conducting the first interview, and coordinating with the recruitment manager responsible for the final selection.

Rewards and incentives-

Human resource managers are responsible for policies and procedures for employment, pay, and compensation. The HR is also responsible for developing job descriptions along with department heads and successor development plans.

Training and development-

In addition to the administration of employee benefit programs, the roles of the HR manager include the search, screening, and hiring of new job seekers and the development of training and development programs for all employees.

HR compliance-

Compliance is an important element of any human resources department. HR monitors these ever-changing compliances to prevent businesses from being plagued by federal, state, and local laws.

Workplace safety-

The main focus of HR is the development and support of safety training and the maintenance of federal obligations in the event of workplace injuries and deaths. In addition, HR often works with benefits professionals to manage the company's employment compensation archive.

Human Resource

HR Placements in Nagpur

We are affiliated with major organizations such as HCL, Wipro, Dell, Birlasoft, TechMahindra, TCS, and IBM, enabling students to enroll in top multinational companies worldwide. Our HR trainers focus on personality development, how to interact with the interviewer, how to speak English, how to handle and manage stress, and how to express a person's perspective in front of the interviewer. When the course is 70% completed, we arrange an interview call with the student and prepare for the F2F interaction. After completing the course, we offer a Human Resource Course With Placement guarantee, so you don't have to worry about finding employment in the same field

Trainers Profile

Our HR Trainers are certified professionals with over ten years of experience in their respective fields. All coaches are professional and have many live projects, so coaches use these projects during their training sessions. Our HR trainers also help graduates join the company through an employee referral / in-house recruitment process.

HR Certification Courses in Nagpur

Our certification is a globally recognized HR certification that provides qualifications in HR management. Our Human Resources Development Course provides a comprehensive overview of corporate human resources management. Our training aims to identify, establish and utilize the competence framework for HR professionals and provide practical experience in the industry. This training also gives HR professionals access to a global network and builds a learning experience. The scope of the course includes HR professionals at all levels, from recent graduates to working professionals seeking to move within the HR field. It presents more opportunities for career growth and expands the scope of individual success. For a globally recognized hr certification course, go online and search google with HR courses near me.

Job Opportunities After Completing HR Course in Nagpur

With the development of companies in the fast-paced business space, the demand for trained HR staff is increasing exponentially. We provide all types of HR-related skills that organizations can require from HR professionals. Taking these training courses indirectly improves the profitability of professionals, takes on additional responsibilities within their human role, and prepares them to add value and tangible benefits to the organization.

If you plan to build a human resources management career, don't think about it again. This is the right decision, as our training provides great growth prospects in terms of job postings and salary increases. Our institute has built a proven track record of providing the best service to our clients, customers, and students. In the years since our company was established, we have built good business relationships with our customers and delivered high-quality business. This thriving field opens the door to many opportunities in the business sector and other industries. Let us look at the various courses that can be followed in the field of human resource management:

  • HR Specialist
  • HR recruiter
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Compensation manager
  • Relationship manager
  • Education Development Manager
  • Technical recruiter
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Human Resource Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

HR training aims to teach HR professionals the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes to use at work on the fly. Training can focus on improving performance in current roles or overcoming future changes.

We provide HR course in Nagpur relating to various HR domains such as People Analytics, Digital HR, Talent Management, Administrative HR, and more.

Our HR training explores various features of human resource management in your organization, such as responsibility and purpose, hiring cycle, job analysis, hiring and selection, performance appraisal, employee relations, and change management in the workplace. We have

  • Industry-specific curriculum
  • Training is provided by real-time HR heads and HR managers
  • 100% practical and without theory
  • Fresher
  • Junior HR Professional
  • Experts in other fields looking for a job in human resources

Known as the most qualified and the best HR training institutes in Nagpur, we offer fully certified comprehensive academic and practical experience in human resource training.

We provide detailed and advanced knowledge on set course times. Once completed, candidates will not have to worry about their job search. There is a dedicated recruitment manager who is responsible for student placement. In addition, we are affiliated with several IT companies, so future employees and employers will contact us regarding recruitment and internships. You will be informed about different job opportunities, your CV will be shared according to your interest in it, and the process will go on.

What are the challenges in training?

There are several challenges that organizations may face when implementing training programs. Here are some common challenges in training:

  • Identifying training needs:It can be difficult to identify the specific training needs of employees and determine what skills or knowledge gaps need to be addressed.
  • Developing effective training programs: Developing training programs that are engaging, relevant, and effective can be challenging, especially when trying to meet the needs of a diverse workforce with varying learning styles.
  • Limited resources: Limited time, budget, and resources can be a challenge when planning and delivering training programs.
  • Resistance to change: Employees may be resistant to change and may be hesitant to adopt new skills or ways of working.
  • Lack of buy-in and participation: Employees may not see the value in training or may not be motivated to participate, which can hinder the effectiveness of the training program.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training: Measuring the impact and effectiveness of training can be challenging, especially when trying to link training outcomes to business objectives.
  • Retaining and applying knowledge: Employees may struggle to retain the information learned during training and apply it in their day-to-day work.
  • Technology issues: Technical issues, such as poor internet connection or malfunctioning equipment, can hinder the delivery of online or technology-based training programs.