Android App Development Course in Pune

Android App Development Course in Pune

The modern labor market cannot be achieved without professionals who can create apps for Android. Such programmers are in demand both by outsourcing companies and by many startups and companies involved in creating mobile games. The developer's job is to make programs that users of gadgets want. In particular, it must be easy to learn and make money from.

DigiSnare Academy offers an android app development course in pune to help you learn exciting android development techniques. Thanks to our course, you will learn to create any complex program. The purpose of the programming course is to build skills and provide the basic knowledge needed to develop applications.

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Android App Development Course for Beginners

Creating your first Android app from scratch is easy, even if you have no technical background or experience. You will definitely do it - the most important thing is to follow our android app development course for beginners. In our android app development course, you learn OOP, Java core, multithreading, and design patterns and start to think mathematically. You will also learn all the skills your professionals need in a hands-on format, including simulators, small projects, interactive webs, cross-projects, and group projects.

What are you waiting for? Contact DigiSnare- a complete support system awaits you: mentor consultation, personal project feedback, ongoing support from mentors and coordinators, core practice theory, and much more project support

Android App Development Course Near me with Certificate

Android is the most popular mobile phone system in the world. We offer an android development course with certificate in which you learn to examine all aspects of Android development, from mobile devices to wearables to smart TVs. Our android app development course focuses on using Android Studio, Google's official Android development tool, to develop applications for various devices.

Our android development course with certificate revolves around real-world situations, and team projects revolve around solving real customer problems. Internships at partner companies give you the opportunity to virtually hone your skills and make contact with the employer. You receive a professional retraining certificate, which you can add to your portfolio and present to your employer.

In this android app development course with certificate, you will learn about the features of the Android platform dedicated to mobile app development. You will also learn about the Android component model that your app is based on and develop a practical graphical interface and learn to use the functions of an Android smartphone (geographic location, multimedia recording, etc.).

Mobile App Development Course Online

At DigiSnare, we offer an effective form of online learning. This means that you can access your mobile app development course online anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Give yourself time to study as much as you have right now - 15 minutes or two hours.

The aim of this android app development online is to provide the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the Android platform and development tools
  • Proficient in Android Application Engineering
  • Extract and backup Android app data
  • Have the application communicate (a) synchronization tasks, services, users, etc.)
  • Use the features of Android smartphones (sensors, calls, SMS, voice, photos, geolocation, etc.)

Android App Development Syllabus Modules

  • OOPs Concepts
  • Inheritance in detail
  • Exception handling
  • Packages & interfaces
  • What is Android?
  • Setting up development environment
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
  • Fundamentals:
    • Basic Building blocks - Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
    • UI Components - Views & notifications
    • Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters o Android API levels (versions & version names)
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • uses-permission & uses-sdk
  • Resources
  • Layouts & Drawable Resources
  • Activities and Activity lifecycle
  • First sample Application
  • Launching emulator
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Emulator shortcuts
  • Logcat usag
  • Second App:- (switching between activities) - Develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents
5. Basic UI design
  • Form widgets
  • Text Fields
  • Layouts
  • Examples
6. Preferences
  • SharedPreferences
  • Examples
7: Menu
  • Option menu
  • Context menu
  • Sub menu
  • menu from xml
  • menu via code
  • Examples
8: Intents (in detail)
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit intents
  • Examples
9: UI design
  • Time and Date
  • Images and mediaComposite
  • AlertDialogs & Toast
  • Popup
  • Examples
10: Styles & Themes
  • styles.xml
  • drawable resources for shapes, gradients (selectors)
  • style attribute in layout file
  • Applying themes via code and manifest file
  • Examples
11: Content Providers
  • SQLite Programming
  • SQLiteOpenHelper
  • SQLiteDatabse
  • Cursor
  • Reading and updating Contacts
  • Reading bookmarks
  • Example : Develop an App to demonstrate database usage. CRUD operations must be implemented. Final details should be viewed in GridView as well as in ListView.
12: Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool
13: Linkify
  • Web URLs, Email address, text, map address, phone numbers
  • MatchFilter & TransformFilter
  • Examples
14: Adapters and Widgtes
  • Adapters
  • ArrayAdapters
  • BaseAdapters
  • ListView and ListActivity
  • Custom listview
  • GridView using adapters
  • Gallery using adapters
  • Examples
15: Notifications
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Services and notifications
  • Toast
  • Alarms
  • Examples
16: Custom components
  • Custom Tabs
  • Custom animated popup panels
  • Other components
  • Examples
17: Threads
  • Threads running on UI thread (runOnUiThread)
  • Worker thread
  • Handlers & Runnable
  • AsynTask (in detail)
  • Examples
18: Advanced
  • Live Folders
  • Using sdcards
  • XML Parsing
  • JSON Parsing
  • Maps, GPS, Location based Services
  • Accessing Phone services (Call, SMS, MMS)
  • Network connectivity services
  • Sensors

Best Android Development Course

Android is an open-source Java-based operating system for smartphones. It is developed by Google and about 30 partners grouped in the Open Handset Alliance. Android provides a complete API to meet the needs of many applications, such as geolocation, calls to remote services, local data storage, and other mp3 playbacks. But apart from the proposed features, Android brings the actual construction and original architectural model based on components and messaging. Android offers new opportunities for developers and companies. At DigiSnare, we offer the best android development course created by professionals with years of experience.

Students are supported by experienced mentors (IT industry practitioners) who provide detailed feedback and answer questions. All students, regardless of age or previous experience, are available for entry-level courses. At the end of our android development course online, participants will be freelance using specific development tools and will be able to develop their own apps for Android.

Why Choose Digisnare?

We will accompany you at every stage.

DigiSnare Manager helps you sign up for the course and make you feel comfortable, create a personal account and solve technical problems.


It helps you feel comfortable with your personal account, keeps in touch during the learning process, and helps you find answers to your questions.

Continuous updating of the program

With our android app development course, you will gain the latest skills and knowledge: The android app development course in pune takes into account the employer's requirements for the capabilities of an information systems engineer.

Access to the DigiSnare community

You will find helpful contacts and like-minded people in your city, and you can share your experience with DigiSnare's knowledge base. As a listener and speaker, you can attend private social gatherings, hackathons, and other online events.

Regular feedback

Our android app development course for beginners consists of webins. Get feedback from your teacher and get in touch with your classmates.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The android app development course training is broadcasted online and is held several times a week in the evening. The teacher will explain the topic, and all his actions will be displayed on the screen. Students ask questions and discuss materials in the chat. At the end of each lesson, students are given practical assignments. The teacher will evaluate them and discuss the pros and cons in the next lesson. Some courses are offered as pre-recorded video lectures.

At DigiSnare, we record each lesson for those who missed the lesson on time. Video recordings are always available in the training section. For each lesson, we have also created a guide that can improve your preparation for the lesson and gain additional knowledge.

If you have questions about the education process, DigiSnare teachers will also be there to help you.

Our android app development course is aimed at you who want to acquire specialized skills from scratch. No initial training or basic knowledge is required to learn.