React Js Training in Mysore

React Js Training in Mysore

In application and software development, there are a few cases where all code is created by hand, and in most cases, frameworks and libraries are used.

Among them, do you know a library called "React.js" that is used for development using JavaScript?

React Js Course in Mysore

In this article, you will learn what React.js is and what can be done with it, why you should learn React.js and its advantages.

Not only engineers who actually want to learn and develop React.js but also people in charge of companies involved in application development can understand it gently.

React Js

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What is JavaScript?

Before explaining React.js, let's briefly introduce "what is JavaScript" as basic information.

Simply put, JavaScript is one of the "programming languages used for system development" and is widely used for websites and web applications. Developed as a language to add movement to websites, it is often used in cases where you want to display complex actions in an application or browser or you want to make it easy for users to see.

In addition to website construction, it is also used for system development and artificial intelligence development and has a reputation for its high versatility. Although it is an old language that appeared in 1995, JavaScript is one of the languages used by many engineers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is "the language with the highest recognition" as a language for running a browser.

What is React.js?

React.js is a type of library that works within a JavaScript framework. It is a library developed by Facebook, which has a high degree of recognition as an SNS and is called React for short. This "library" means a place where highly versatile functions and source code are collected. When developing using JavaScript, React.js is a great help for more efficient and versatile development.

How to introduce React.js?

As introduced in the overview section, React.js is an open-source library, so there is no cost to implement it. Since the official site has a lot of startup guides and tutorials, it is also possible to build an environment from scratch according to the preferences of engineers.

Another easy way to introduce React.js is to use an environment construction tool (also called a toolchain) and react training india. For example, there are quite a few tools that easily prepare a React.js development environment, such as "Create React App", provided by Facebook. Depending on the device and environment used, there are cases where the tool cannot be used, but it is good to remember it as one of the introduction methods.

What features does React.js have?

In a nutshell, the feature of React.js is "a library for building UI (user interface)".

React.js includes screens for users to use web services (sites) and applications, as well as code useful for creating UI. The track record of being adopted by famous SNS and web services such as Facebook and Instagram is a sign of the usefulness of React.js. Despite its popularity, React.js is an open-source library that is constantly being updated. If you are aware of the advantages of learning React.js, react js course with placement will be a good option for you.

The official site lists three features of React.js.

  • Declaration
  • Component base
  • Learn Once, Use Anywhere

In the following, you will learn these three characteristics in detail.

By the way, ".js" in the word React.js is JavaScript. There are many JavaScript libraries named ".js", such as "Vue.js", which has a reputation for its lightweight operation, and "Node.js", which is used for server communication.

  • Declaration (View)
  • Declarative means "you don't have to do a whole change for a partial update". By taking a declarative approach, React.js can understand when data changes and efficiently update only the relevant elements (components).

  • Component base
  • A component is a building block. React.js creates its components and combines them to create an interface. It is open source, can be used by anyone, and is very popular with engineers. In short, the ease of customization is attractive.

  • Learn once, use anywhere
  • By learning React.js course in Mysore, you will be able to use the framework "React Native", which is also used for Smartphone application development. The point is that even if you want to add a new function to something that has already been created, there is no need to rewrite the existing source code, and you can use it as it is.

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    What are the advantages of React.js?

    Easy to maintain high speed, good performance

    React.js works with virtual DOM (Virtual Document Object Model). With this virtual DOM, only the parts that are different compared to the actual DOM are reapplied to the HTML. In other words, it is a very speedy mechanism in that only the parts that need to be updated are applied.

    Low learning cost and easy for engineers to learn

    Again, React.js is a JavaScript library. In other words, if you are already learning JavaScript, you can say that it is relatively easy to learn, although some application is required. In addition to being an essential language for development in the first place, JavaScript is easier to understand than other languages such as C and Java.

    There is a future

    The best react js course near me has a high future potential for reasons such as "applicability to React Native" and "easy development of trendy UI (user interface)". In addition to the low learning cost mentioned above, many engineers who are good at JavaScript use the React.js library.

    How to develop with React.js?

    React.js is often handled by companies that are good at JavaScript, so the first thing to do is to look for such companies and outsource. If you outsource, you can easily request system development using React.js because there is no cost to learn new with your own resources.

    Of course, creating your own learning environment and increasing the number of engineers who can use React.js is also a good option. It will also lead to the accumulation of know-how in-house, and the range of future development environments will expand.

    However, as long as you don't have the know-how at the moment, it's more efficient to ask a professional in the field to develop a React.js system on your own.


    There are great benefits for engineers to learning React.js. JavaScript from react course, which is popular worldwide, has many libraries such as React.js. Ideally, it should be used separately for each development project, but there are many cases where multiple libraries cannot be used or are difficult to learn depending on the engineer's skill.

    Even if you can't get your own engineers to learn right away, there are already a number of companies that are confident in their development, so you can outsource and run them in parallel. Please choose the best method from various options.

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    React.js is a type of library that works within a JavaScript framework. It is a library developed by Facebook, which has a high degree of recognition as an SNS and is called React for short. This "library" means a place where highly versatile functions and source code are collected. When developing using JavaScript, React.js is a great help for more efficient and versatile development.

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    Which backend language for React?

    React is a frontend library and does not dictate the choice of backend language. As a frontend library, React is responsible for building the user interface of a web application. It interacts with the backend through API calls or data fetching.

    You can use React with a wide range of backend languages, depending on your preferences, requirements, and existing infrastructure. Some popular backend languages commonly used with React include:

    • Node.js: Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows you to run JavaScript on the server-side, making it a popular choice for building backend services to work with React. Node.js has a rich ecosystem of modules and frameworks like Express.js and Nest.js, which can be used to create robust APIs and handle server-side logic.

    • Python: Python is a versatile and widely-used language for backend development. Frameworks like Django and Flask provide powerful tools for building APIs and handling server-side operations. React can communicate with Python-based backends using REST APIs or GraphQL.

    • Ruby: Ruby is known for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly nature. Ruby on Rails, a popular web application framework, provides a comprehensive set of tools for backend development. Rails can be used to build APIs that integrate with React.

    • Java: Java is a robust and widely-used language, especially in enterprise environments. Backend frameworks like Spring Boot and Java EE can be used to build RESTful APIs that work with React.
    • PHP: PHP is a widely-used server-side scripting language known for its simplicity and wide community support. Frameworks like Laravel and Symfony provide features for building APIs and backend services to integrate with React.