Top Four Platforms To Make Students Portfolio For Interview

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Top Four Platforms To Make Students Portfolio For Interview

Many students dream of careers in creative fields, and for them, building a portfolio as a graphic designer is a thrilling prospect. These platforms offer the tools to showcase creativity in a fun, flexible way. With options like LinkedIn, GitHub, Behance, and YouTube, students can craft portfolios that not only impress but also reflect their unique style and potential. It's a chance to let creativity soar and leave a lasting impression on potential employers during interviews.


LinkedIn remains one of the most widely used professional networking platforms, allowing students to create comprehensive profiles highlighting their education, skills, experiences, and projects. It's a powerful tool for connecting with professionals and potential employers and supports the upload of multimedia content, including project presentations or links to external portfolios.


Essential for students in technical fields like computer science, engineering, or software development, GitHub serves as a hub for version control, collaboration on coding projects, and showcasing coding skills. Students can display their contributions to open-source projects, personal projects, and coding prowess, making it invaluable for technical interviews.


YouTube offers students a platform to showcase their video content, making it ideal for those in fields where visual storytelling or demonstration is key. Students can create channels to share project demos, presentations, tutorials, or other relevant content. YouTube's vast audience reach and search capabilities make it an excellent tool for showcasing skills and expertise in fields like filmmaking, animation, education, or product demonstrations.

4. Behance

Behance is a premier platform for creatives such as graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and artists. It provides a visually engaging space to create portfolios showcasing creative work, including projects, case studies, and process shots. Widely used in creative industries, Behance helps students stand out during interviews for design-related roles.

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