How to write a resume for an internship?


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What is an internship resume?

An internship resume is a resume you use to apply for a job in any company. you use it when you start a new career, you do not have any experience with the position you can highlight your skills and capabilities which make you unique from others.

  • Review the internship job description
  • Research the organization
  • Include Information
  • Write an objective statement
  • Highlight your skills
  • Mention your achievements
  • Mention your education qualification
  • Add references
  • Format resume
Review the internship job description

Read the job description of the job you want to apply for. See the skills and capabilities they want this will help you to match the profile of the employee they want for their organization.

Research the Organisation

Research the organization for which you want to apply through research you can know about their values and cultural system.

You can mention in your resume the values which match their organization. You can research from the company's website. The "about us" section will help you to know about the organization.

Include information

Include your Name, address, Email, and contact number at the top of your resume makes it easy for recruiters see to see. Including your information helps recruiters be easy to contact.

Make sure that the Information should be accurate.

Write an objective statement

The objective statement presents career goals and objectives and highlights how the given internship opportunity will fit you. It requires how can you contribute to the company by giving opportunities. Use the proper job description and include the keywords so the resume attracts the employer's attention.

Highlight your skills

Highlighting you're will make the resume look more attractive.

In technical mention, the specialized and soft skills mention the general skills you have learned for a long time. Skills help to increase the efficiency of getting a job.

Mention your achievement

The achievement section is used to mention the certificated and awards you have earned. A resume attracts employers that you are motivated for your career.

Mention Your Educational qualification

List your educational qualification from upper to lower. Mention the passing year of each level of education. Highlight if you have earned a scholarship.

Add references

Adding references will help you to have a good job because you have just started your career and adding references will make good importance and credibility for your work. Ask your professors and guides and friends who are in a good position to recommend you. Each reference will need a name, contact number, designation, and organization name.

Format Resume

Make sure your resume looks professional. You can use professional fonts and underline the highlight and important points

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