Benefits of Google Data Studio

Benefits of Google Data Studio

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Benefits of Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio or Data Studio is a free reporting and data visualization tool, it takes data from various different sources which includes Google Analytics and combine them in easy to share, easy to modify and easy to read report. The Data Studio platform includes features like graphs, charts, widgets and many more to visualize the data which helps in saving time and money by creating, reading and sharing reports within minutes and the usability of this data makes decisions faster and achieve better results..

The biggest advantage of Data Studio is its ability to integrate with Google applications such as Google Analytics, Big Queries and Google Sheets. Data Studio connects directly with Google Analytics and Google Ads and Search Console and enables you to visualize data from a variety of sources with the click of a button. It is a fully managed service, i.e. Users do not have to manage any infrastructure or installation.

Some of the benefits of Google Data Studio are as follows:

1. Access to Unlimited Widgets

Unlike Google Analytics which allows only 12 graphs in a report, Google Data Studio give you access to unlimited number of widgets and this features helps you to share and explain your data in multiple ways.

Some of the widgets included in Google Data Studio are

  • Pie-charts
  • Time series graphs
  • Heat graph by region, state, or country and many other features.

And this tool is becoming very essential for companies as they provide freedom to the companies to easily create report and convey them.

2. Pulling Data from Several Sources

One of the most helpful feature of Google Data Studio is that it can draw upto 12 different sources, which you can consolidate in the report. You can pull data from various sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, Search console and many more which helps you to ensure that the report look incredibly professional.

3. Build Interactive Experience

The interactive feature of Google Data Studio features makes it easy for the users to visualize data and give the user endless customization option to make a good report. It gives your widgets life by making them 3D and also gives you access to change reports as per your requirements.

4. Embed Data Studio report on Social Media Platform

Google Data Studio helps you publish your reports on different social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter by simple process of embedding the report URL on social media post.

In addition, Data Studio lets you draw from multiple data sources in one place, not just Google Analytics. Features such as the ability to obtain information from multiple data sources such as Google Analytics, Ad Words, YouTube, search consoles etc. It is enormously valuable to be able to view these data sources from one place.

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