Six Reasons to Become a Graphic Designer

Six Reasons to Become a Graphic Designer

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Six Reasons to Become a Graphic Designer

Many of us aspire to work in the creative industries and for many, being a graphic designer is the dream job are ,it’s fun, flexible and overflowing with creativity.

1. Graphic designers are in high demand

The huge rise in digital technology and shifting to online platforms for almost all traditional media means. So, skilled designers with an eye for Digital World are in high demand. With having the talent, necessary skills and determination to work hard, you be confident there will be many graphic design opportunities available.

2. Design leads to a variety of career options

From being employed at any of design consultancy you are planning to set design studio of you own, a degree in graphic design introduces you to a variety of creative career options. Design indeed never stands still, and there are lots of different roles you could choose from, including illustrator, web designer and photographer.

3. Along with creative satisfaction, graphic designers also receive appreciation from others

We all want to make creative things – and as being a graphic designer, you will be able to and receive the appreciation. Your design will be live and out there in the world, with hundreds of people seeing it, using it and interacting with it every day.

4. A mid-level graphic designer can earn up to £35k

Graphics designing is not only flexible and fun, but you will also earn! According to prospects, starting salaries can be in between £15,000 to £19,000, but once you’ve gained experience you can expect up to £35,000.

You are having an option of freelancing, where you can earn anything between £200 and £400 a day.

5. They are a vital part of building and shaping a brand

One of the most crucial decisions any business makes in choosing their brand identity - the first thing people see when they interact with a product – and you will be playing an active part in creating it! Which includes logo designing and applying an identity across all elements such as stationery, business cards, signage, advertising, and branding material

6. Have the option to work from any part of the world

Stiff white shirts and tight blazers? Nope. Your clients really won’t mind they are just in need of creative things and designs. Plus, there is a demand for good designers around the world, which often gives you the opportunity to work wherever you are.

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